A Couple of Options for Color Changing Paints

kameleon paintColor changing paints seem to have made a bit of a come back in recent years with more affordable options on the market now.  At one time, that average cost of the materials alone to do a color changing or “chameleon” paint job ran about $3700 dollars.  In the beginning there was incredible interest in these type paint jobs until the customer heard the total cost.  I don’t know how many times I heard (usually with vulgar expletives) how crazy I must be to think someone would pay that.  Indeed most customers just couldn’t afford that but there were many that could and did.  Once the new excitement kid of wore off in the late 90s and early 2000s chameleon colors were largely just a novelty item with the occasional paint job contracted.  However, like most new technologies the cost has come down over time and now there are some amazingly affordable options out there.  In fact, the average cost to do a nice color change paint job is now about the same as doing a higher price code OEM color depending on where you source your materials.  Sure, there are still the ultra expensive options out there but many customers are now enquirying about substantially lower cost options they are finding primarily on the internet.  We’ve tried quite a few of them and hear are some of our experiences.

Chameleon Powders

It’s kind of hit or miss with so called “chameleon” powders.  We’ve tried several that were clearly just normal pearls and we’ve tried some that worked pretty well for us.  Generally you can find these on the internet or ebay for around $50 for a 25 gram bag which makes a quart at decent strength when mixed into intercoat clear.  Some of these guys recommend mixing less than that but it just does not work very well if you get less than 25 grams per gallon.  The powders are ok but you have the aggravation of blending in the powder itself.  A nice drill with a paddle mixer worked well to prevent any clumping of the powder itself.  The paint with pearl material was the best powder I tried.  I used DBC 500 to mix it with and aside from the aggravation of blending in the powder I had no trouble.

Chameleon Base

I call it base but as we all know it’s really midcoat when it comes to the chameleon part.  This is basically the type I was most familiar with working with which did not require adding any powder and using a drill to blend it up.  Just add reducer and go.  I was really pleased with the Kemfx material I purchased.  Sprayed well and had a nice color change to it.  They offer a kit with the base, chameleon clear, reducers, activators and all for a hell of a price.  The first time I used it was with their MS clear and it worked well but I always preferred a HS clear particularly in the summer.  They didn’t have a HS clear at first but added one just in time for a customer’s job and I loved it.  The base handled a lot like House of Kolor which goes on kind of dry.  If you are used to spraying a base real wet it takes some getting used to but once I quit trying to lay it so wet it worked very well.

Of the two types I preferred the chameleon basecoat and when I did the math it was the less expensive option as well.  Total paint cost for a bike was 150 for the liquid set up and I calculated the powder cost at over $220 once you start buying intercoat in quarts and black, reducer, clear etc separately.  You can get the Kemfx stuff in several places but I buy a lot on ebay so I just pick it up over here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Quart-Custom-Chameleon-Flip-Flop-Color-Changing-Pearl-Motorcycle-n-Car-Paint-/281146792381

Hope this helps some of you guys make a little more money custom painting.



Girl, Look at that body!


We’re talking cars here, people, cars.  Not sexy ladies in music videos, but cars.  If you run a body shop repair service then you will want to offer the best. And not just the best, but you will want to be ahead of the game and understand all the latest in technology.

Whether you are repairing car parts on a vehicle that has been involved in an accident, or you need to respray the latest logos onto a racing car, we have it all covered. Our body shop equipment is of the highest quality and we offer products from a wide range of manufacturers.  From Celette, Elektron to USI and Herkules, we cover it all.

Round the track

Take the Usi UK equipment for example.  This body shop equipment provides state of the art spray booths to the likes of Red Bull and McLaren’s racing teams.  Think about the precision that is needed to spray a Formula 1 vehicle?

Not only does the team have to be happy with the spray job, but millions of viewers will be tuning in on their HD TV’s to see their beloved racing driver.  If something is not quite right it will show up.  Yet we are one of very few businesses who are trusted to supply such equipment.

And, because we want to offer the best service possible, we offer full warranty, service and repairs.

High quality

If you run a body shop repair service then having the best equipment is vital.  Having the right tools for the job is key to providing the best service around.  Don’t you want to separate yourself from the competition?  Don’t you want to be renowned as being the best?  New technologies are being introduced all the time, and new techniques too.

Those who love their cars will expect something really special from the body shop repair team.  But we don’t just supply body shop equipment to repair shops either.  Oh no.  Some of our customers include The London Underground, Airbus and the Royal Air Force.

Dry time

Time is often of the essence where drying is concerned.  The quicker the spray can dry the better it will be for the customer, and for those who are working on the project.  Our infrared dryers include Trisk & IRT. The tried and tested way of curing paint quickly means that efficiency and quality are delivered in equal measures.

If you want to find out more about the products we have, and the way in which we can help, then simply speak to our team.  We are able to offer expert advice on all of our products.  We also have a hire service too.

So if you want to use only the best in body shop equipment then look no further.  If it is good enough for the likes of the Red Bull and McLaren team then we think we are right to be extremely proud of the products and services we have to offer. See for yourself.

Bill Turner is a technology guru and entrepreneur. He is a free-lance writer who specialises in guest blogging. When he’s not marathon training, you can find him strolling the beach front.

Factors to Consider For Your Next Custom Automotive Paint Job

cropped-Glacier-Frost-Mica-Car-Shot1.jpgWhen a car rolls up, people tend to notice its color and paint first. This is especially true if the car happens to have a very unique custom automotive paint job, color or style to it. Even more, when it rolls up to anywhere where there are automobile aficionados and other enthusiasts the custom paint can determine a lot more than just attention. It creates a unique sense of personality and the attitude of the car’s owner, and sets the first impression for the driver. More than with any other vehicle, a car paint job becomes its being, creates it, so it’s always good to take care of the car’s appearance.

To drive up to a convention, or with friends, or anywhere you might draw attention, in a dirty and scraped car with a lousy auto paint job would almost be laughable in most cases. Of course if you’re under budget or living as a student just having a car is a major boon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take pride in your vehicle and invest in a good auto paint job regardless. Car paint is relatively inexpensive for a basic paint job and it can help immensely in cleaning up the car’s appearance and making you feel so much better about it.

Finding the right automotive paint job for you if you do have the money to customize your car can be a bit more of a task. There’s a lot of canvas on a car to work with, and that just means there is a lot of room for creativity. It also means that there’s a lot of room to fill with ideas. There are some designs that don’t need to take up a lot of room to be creative, however some cars are covered from bumper to bumper and they tend to stand out above all else.


The first thing to consider about automotive paint is the base color. It sets the entire mood of the image and can determine what goes on afterward. In some cases it’ll be the main draw, depending on how flamboyant you want the decals and other details that are added afterward. Some basic styles involve one solid color and a few stripes, for example, so picking these colors together can be a big plus, since they have to match in order to set any real good first impressions with the people you want looking at your car.

Of course picking the base color is also determined by what kind of design you want. Getting references from professionals can really help in terms of colors that match and clash. Red flames, for example, mightn’t look good against a forest green base color, depending on the styles. Finding and researching these references can help keep your car from becoming an embarrassment, and help you make it into something to be proud of. Once you have your colors and your designs, it shouldn’t be too hard to look up a professional and contract them for the job.